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CoolSculpting arms

CoolSculpting Arms | Freeze Away Upper Arm Fat

CoolSculpting arms is the perfect way to reduce upper arm fat without invasive, painful surgery. The CoolPetite applicator was introduced in 2017. This special CoolSculpting applicator was made for hard to reach areas of fat like the upper arm. Read to learn more about subcutaneous fat in the upper arms and how this body contouring treatment can reduce “bingo wing.”

What Causes Upper Arm Fat?

Upper arm fat is a notorious problem, specifically for women. This area is one of three that commonly gather fat cells. Genetics, age, and even hormones are contributing factors in the accumulation of persistent upper arm fat. Due to these factors and the fat deposits gathering in the arms, diet, and exercise-resistant fat bulges form. Women end up being embarrassed by the “bingo wing” or “chicken wing.” CoolSculpting is the best way to reduce the fat that gathers in the upper arm area, making it one of the most popular treatment zones.

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CoolSculpting Arms | CoolPetite Applicator

The CoolPetite is a new addition to the revolutionary line of CoolSculpting applicators. This applicator was made to treat problem zones, minimize any discomfort, and even reduce treatment times.

Mark Foley, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZELTIQ introduced the CoolPetite, saying, “After 5 years of research and millions of dollars invested in development, we are proud to be the only non-invasive fat reduction technology that is FDA-cleared to treat the upper arms, the third greatest area of concern for consumers.”

Jean Carruthers, an investigator for CoolAdvantage Petite applicators, further explains, “The upper arm, with its delicate structures, is one of the most challenging areas for fat reduction.” Involved in the research, Carruthers says he can personally “attest to the fact that the upper arms responded beautifully, and my study patients are delighted by their results.”

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CoolSculpting Arms | Evidence Supporting Freezing Upper Arm Fat

It took countless hours to thoroughly check the safety and efficiency of CoolSculpting arms when reducing fat cells. After treating 30 female subjects, researchers found that the treatment helped each patient achieve significant fat reduction. 85% of the subjects achieved visible reduction results. Moreover, these results helped conclude that “these data suggest that [CoolSculpting arms] provide rapid, safe, and effective arm treatment.”

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CoolSculpting Arms Near Me

If you are tired of living with embarrassing upper arm fat, CoolSculpting is the answer to your woes. To begin your fat freezing journey, contact us at COR Medspa to schedule your complimentary treatment consultation. During your consultation you can learn all about this fat freezing treatment and find out if you are the ideal candidate. Call us at (973) 240-8889 to schedule yours today.


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