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Coolsculpting at Home

Coolsculpting at home is a DIY procedure where people attempt to remove fat themselves without the assistance of trained professionals. They often try to mimic what a Coolsculpting machine does, to save on CoolSculpting cost. While there are advertised “DIY Coolsculpting” devices online, this practice revolves around placing ice packs on body areas for long periods. Attempting these methods at home is not only ineffective; it can be perilous.

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DIY CoolSculpting doesn’t work. Reasons for this include:

Ice packs are not efficient: Ice packs are designed to be a wide area delivery method for inflamed areas, to relieve aches and pains. They do not provide the precise, controlled cooling application that a Coolsculpting machine is designed for.

One-sided cooling to tissue: Ice packs only cool the outside area of the skin, which does not mimic the Coolsculpting process at all. In comparison, the Cool Sculpting machine sucks up a portion of fat to perform the supercooling, which ensures 360-degree exposure of controlled cooling to the fat cells. The suction process allows the cooling to be more targeted and effective, letting the actual process of freezing fat to work.

CoolSculpting at home does not suction fat cells towards the surface. Fat cells protect themselves from external cold temperatures by drawing away from the skin’s surface. The CoolSculpting machine overcomes this defense mechanism by gently suctioning the bulge into an applicator. This brings the fat cells towards the surface and keeps them there.

Icepacks do not stay consistently cold. The CoolSculpting machine exposes stubborn bulges to consistently cold temperatures. In comparison, an icepack begins to lose its cold the moment you place it against your skin.

Icepacks do not provide controlled cooling. Cryolipolysis works by precisely controlling the temperature to be cold enough to freeze fat cells, but not so cold that it freezes the skin or surrounding tissue.

Unfortunately, people who perform CoolSculpting at home are not aware of this. Long term exposure to cold will damage skin and flesh, just as if someone suffered exposure in below-freezing weather. The CoolSculpting process has safeguards in place, such as safety sensors and skin protectors, which eliminate this risk during the procedure.

With the dangers and risks involved with CoolSculpting at home, this falls in the category of harmful body modification and has adverse effects that could potentially affect your appearance if not health. It’s recommended and encouraged that you pick a trusted medical professional to help you with this process. Not only will you get the result you desire, but you can rest assured that your health and safety are kept in high regard, an invaluable perk that speaks for itself.


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