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If you’ve seen CoolSculpting before and after transformations, you know about the fantastic results that can be achieved. The impressive, lasting results leave some patients to believe CoolSculpting costs are out of their price range. But CoolSculpting cost doesn’t have to be intimidating. Treatments can be tailored to fit an individual’s budget. Because of this, CoolSculpting prices vary per person. So, while it is impossible to know how much freezing away your fat will cost you without scheduling a consultation with a certified provider, we break down the factors that determine pricing. We’ll also share ways you can save on America’s most popular, non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

How are CoolSculpting Prices Determined?

The CoolSculpting applicators come in different shapes and sizes — Curved and flat in shape and large and small in size.

During the treatment, the applicator is applied to the treatment area, securing itself to the targeted bulge of fat — the applicator than subjects the area to precisely controlled cooling. Depending on the applicator used, treatments can be as short as 35 minutes. One treatment, using one applicator, on one specific bulge, is considered a “cycle.”

The price for one cycle is determined by the size of the applicator being used. A single cycle with a large applicator costs double that of a single cycle with a small applicator. However, the large applicator covers double the treatment area, so there is no price advantage of one size over the other.

Certain treatment areas, like love handles or inner thighs, require mirror cycles, or one cycle on each side of the body, equaling two cycles in total.  Furthermore, there are specific bulges, like belly fat, that can be treated in a multitude of ways, depending on what’s best for the patient. For example, belly fat may require the application of one large applicator for a particular patient, while another patient is best suited with two small applicators, or one large applicator and two small applicators, and what every combination of applicator best suits their body.

All these factors determine your overall CoolSculpt cost.

Again, to know how much CoolSculpting will cost you, you need to be personally evaluated by a certified CoolSculpting technician. At COR Medspa, we offer anyone living in the Denville, Morris Plains, Morristown, and Mountain Lakes, a FREE CoolSculpting consultation.  During your free consultation, you will find out if fat freezing is right for you, and if so, what combination of applicators is most customized to meet your goals.

CoolSculpting Reduces Fat without Surgery or Downtime

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CoolSculpting Cost | Personalized Treatment Plans

Your CoolSculpting cost is determined by your personalized treatment plan. Depending on your body’s shape and size, as well as the desired CoolSculpting results you want to achieve, each technician will help design a treatment plan that is perfect for your specific needs and desires. The overall CoolSculpting cost will vary from person to person, depending on the type of applicator used, the size of the applicator used, and the number of cooling cycles required to obtain optimal results.

How to Save on CoolSculpting Cost

It is possible to save on the overall cost of your CoolSculpting treatments. Many reputable spa run promotions for the popular fat reduction treatment. You can also receive a discount per treatment when you opt for package pricing.

CoolSculpting Cost Near Me

To determine out how much CoolSculpting would cost you, contact COR Medspa today to schedule your free consultation. During your consultation, our trained technicians will help you better understand treatment options and help you customize a plan perfect for your needs. The best part about CoolSculpting is that the treatment plans are designed to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted while staying well within your budget!

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